Introducing a revolutionary new technique for star-quality eyelashes!
Mylinda Renay eyelash extensions look natural, feel natural and with proper care, last a full four to eight weeks!
Unlike old-fashion artificial lashes that come in strips or clusters, we attach our lashes one-by-one to your natural upper lashes. By varying the color, length and number of extensions, we can create just the look you want from subtle to sensational! Once they're applied, you can sleep, shower, work out and even swim and your extensions will stay in place. After the first application, we keep you looking fabulous by scheduling touch-ups every three to
four weeks to replace any extensions that may have fallen off.
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Individual, Long, Luxurious, Natural Looking
Natural feeling lash extensions that last up to two months

$4.00 per each lash applied
(Not to exceed $175.00 for a full set)

                                  Our fee for a full application depends on the look you want to achieve and the total number extensions that we apply.
Touch-up fees are minimal, based on the number of replacement extensions we apply.

What are eyelash extensions?
Our quality, naturally-tapered extensions are made of premium-quality, cotton-polyester fibers. Once they're in place, each one bonded to a natural lash,they look just like your natural lashes, only longer and fuller. Eyelash extensions may be applied only by a qualified professional.
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Luxurious, Natural Looking, Natural feeling
Lash extensions that last up to two months!

How long does the procedure take?
Before your first application, we consult with you to decide on the perfect lash look for you. The initial full application normally takes from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on how many lashes are applied.
Touch-ups usually take half an hour or less.

How long do lash extensions last?
Each extension is bonded to a single lash. Properly cared-for extensions will stay in place for as long as the natural lash holds, normally a maximum of two months or more.

How often will I need a touch-up?
Although lash extensions can be worn for a single special occasion and then removed by a qualified professional, most clients maintain the initial lash look indefinitely by having us replace lost extensions every few weeks, beginning about three weeks after the first full application.

How do I care for my lash extensions ?
Eyelash extensions truly are care-free. As long as you avoid rubbing your eyes and keep oil-based make-up removers, facial cleansers and skin care products away from your eyes, your extensions should stay in place until the natural lash falls out.

Can I use mascara?
Most people are able to achieve the lash look they want without needing mascara. If you do use it, make sure it's water-based and never water-proof.  Ask your technician about coating mascaras for lash extensions. Our fee for a full application depends on the look you want to achieve and the total number of extensions that we apply. Our fee for touch-ups is minimal, based on the number of replacement   extensions we apply.

Can I apply my own extensions?
Eyelash extensions are definitely not for do-it your selfers. They should be applied only by qualified, licensed professionals.
We recommend that you come in for a consultation to select the look you want and then sit back, relax, and let us give you the full, thick lashes of your dreams!

Who wears eyelash extensions?
Supermodels and entertainers have known about and loved lash extensions for years, but they've only recently become widely available to the general public. These days, both women and men are wearing them, not only for special occasions, but for great-looking, carefree lashes every day.

Are eyelashes extensions for everyone?
People whose natural lashes are weak, thin, brittle, or missing due to illness, injury or chemotherapy cannot wear extensions.

What choice do I have?
Our lash extensions come in basic black and brown. Highlighter extensions are available in blue, purple, and red.
By varying the number and lengths of extensions we use, we can achieve just the look you want, from conservative to glamorous, and anything in between.

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